Distributed systems and Microservices pt.3

Before we explore some ways to implement microservices, we should first review some questions that need to be answered as early as possible. ┬áIf you are more familiar with large “monolithic” applications, moving to microservices can be easy at first, but without proper planning, can cause considerable frustration later on.

Q1: What technology or technologies are you going to use or need?


From a technology perspective nginx has a good series out that can start describing the pieces you will need to consider

Q2: What changes will you need to make to your software design process?

Moving towards a more Domain Driven Design process can also help you find the proper boundaries for your services.

Q3: Can your company support microservices?

You may need to examine your business processes.
Microservices may require you to embrace more of a DevOps or NoOps culture.

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