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Car Lift: Concrete prep (part 1)

Moving the car lift from the old home.
It’s a beast and has been very helpful in maintaining the family vehicles and critical to the work on fixing up the 71′ Corvette.

The lift is a John Bean 4 post lift (12k lbs capacity with 2 sliding center jacks.

The new shop didn’t have the right thickness and strength concrete so I’m having to cut and bust up sections to be reinforced.

I’m needing to make sure I have 6inches from the post to any seam/joint.

The concrete also needs to be 6 inches thick and 4000 PSI.

Since I’m not pouring a whole new slab, I’m going deeper and will be using 5000PSI and rebar and will tie into the existing slab where possible.

I started off cheap, just using a 7in diamond blade and an impact drill with a concrete bit.
Hours and hours of drilling, cutting, and trying to bust it up with a sledgehammer or air chisel.

I picked up a 35lb jackhammer and in just an hour or two made much more headway.

The next weekend I spent about six hours and was able to finish up the first hole, start and finish a second and get the concrete busted up on the third.

A good demonstration of when knowing what the best tools were and how to apply them made all the difference. I could have kept at this for weeks using the initial toolset, but by adding the jackhammer I’ve accelerated my progress greatly.

16 inch level for scale
End of the day 🙂