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Guest Bath remodel

Last year we updated a bathroom and thought the result was pretty fantastic.
We recently moved homes again (9th move in ~20 years) and started right in on the new place.

The guest bathroom needed some work and my wife wanted to try and do some “shiplap” on the ceiling, here is what the room looked like after removing some cabinets (screw holes patched on the right side)

We also decided to move the light over the sink higher.

We went to HomeDepot and got the cheapest pine plywood that could stain up nice.
We ended up getting a pretty good deal on pine underlayment.
I ended up ripping it with a circular saw, staining it and then cutting to length as I went.
Precutting the length wasn’t a good option because the walls were out about 1/2 inch overall.

Getting the walls painted up a light gray, putting up the stained wood and trimmed out with some crown molding to finish it up, this is what we ended up with