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Car Lift: Concrete (part 2)

I’ve spent some time over the last few weeks getting ready for pouring the concrete.

Busting up the floor was step one, but I had to back-fill with gravel, pack it down then add some reinforcement from rebar and remesh.

The existing concrete wasn’t thick enough to dowel into (drill and epoxy in rebar) so I ended up using many long pieces and hammering them back into the soil and existing gravel layers.

I used rebar and remesh, as well as a minimum depth of 6 inches, going 7 or greater for added strength. I’ve also gone with 5000psi instead of the minimum suggested 4000.

Since the weather was off, and the ground was wet I ended up not using a truck. It would have made a mess getting back to the barn. I ended up mixing and pouring about a full cubic yard by hand.

The pits are 3×3 feet and at least 6 inches of depth for the concrete.

After the pour, I’ve kept them wet, and intend to keep them wet for at least 7 days to help ensure I get a proper and strong cure.

30+ days from here I’ll be drilling anchor holes and securing the lift.