It’s 5 PM: Who are you? (part 1)

Imagine you’ve just completed your workday, who are you?

Far too often people identify themselves as who they are in some small context, not the whole. Are you the CEO, or perhaps you are just an intern leaving after your first day? Maybe you’ve just retired and this day is your last, or were you fired, forced out of a job you didn’t intend to leave?

Does it matter? The workday is done, whoever you were is gone, at least for the moment.

Outside of work, does it matter if you are the boss or the lowest person in the hierarchy? Hint: NO

You are not your job.
Your job title does not define you.

Your job title is a meaningless label given to you by other people.

For anyone that’s had a rough day at work, take a moment and realize that there’s more, much more to life than what happens “at work”.

Work to live, don’t live to work.

As a spoiler for part 2

For anyone that abused their power, position, or authority at work today, take a moment and realize that that power isn’t real, and will eventually be gone.