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Vision vs Strategy: building culture early

I had a pretty positive response to a post on LinkedIn regarding when companies should look starting building their corporate culture. One mistake I’ve witnessed is that companies often don’t start defining their culture early on, and if they do, they don’t understand the amount of time and effort that should be dedicated to ensuring current staff select for culture fit in interviews.

This is an area I believe gets overlooked for a number of reasons, I’m currently doing some research where I hope to bring some relevant information here to light in the next few weeks.

I’ll share the text of the post below and a link to it on LinkedIn.
If you have strong opinions on the topic, reach out, I’d love to discuss it further.

I’ve been speaking to some startups recently on the topic of when to bring in someone to help define and build a strong culture and tackle hiring, retention, training, etc…

It’s rarely too early; By the time you realize you need it, you’re probably in a bad place already.

Not defining what you want your culture to be early, and not building it into your hiring practices early on can lead to chaos later on.

The company can define the goal, but it’s the people that make up the organization that actually define what your culture IS.

Spending the time hiring the right people upfront is a true investment for future success.