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Vision vs Strategy: building culture early

I had a pretty positive response to a post on LinkedIn regarding when companies should look starting building their corporate culture. One mistake I’ve witnessed is that companies often don’t start defining their culture early on, and if they do, they don’t understand the amount of time and effort that should be dedicated to ensuring current staff select for culture…

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Automation: Shift Testing Left

I’ve started up a GitHub public repo to help demonstrate ways to use code-based testing to go beyond “Unit”. There is no shortage of discussion of adding or adding more “automation” to our solution and software development processes. However, many seem to still be somewhat stuck thinking that test or QA automation is something outside of the software development…

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It’s 5 PM: Who are you? (part 1)

Imagine you’ve just completed your workday, who are you? Far too often people identify themselves as who they are in some small context, not the whole. Are you the CEO, or perhaps you are just an intern leaving after your first day? Maybe you’ve just retired and this day is your last, or were you fired, forced out of a…

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