The Rationale Behind Building a Personal Website: A 30-Year Technical Professional's Perspective

In an age saturated with social media platforms, from YouTube to TikTok, one may wonder about the relevance of a personal website. The endeavor may seem outdated, but as someone with nearly three decades of experience in technical roles, I find value in revisiting this classic form of online self-expression. This blog post elucidates my rationale for creating a personal website and outlines the technologies I've incorporated in its construction.


Contextualizing a Diverse Career Path

The first impetus is to provide context to my multifaceted career. A cursory glance at my resume might lead to questions about my frequent job changes. A personal website serves as an expanded curriculum vitae, offering a platform to elaborate on my professional journey. It may also bolster my opportunities for obtaining a stable role, as I am now looking to settle into a long-term position.


Staying Hands-On in Technology

The second motivation stems from an innate restlessness to stay updated with technological advancements. While my current job responsibilities don't always involve hands-on coding, I still find avenues to apply my technical skills. My personal website is an invention borne from this need for technological engagement.

Technology Stack

For this website, I'm employing ASP.NET for the web project, paired with Tailwind CSS for styling—a technology I've enjoyed working with in React and Next.js projects. I also plan to experiment with HTMX and Svelte, which would be considered too unconventional for a professional project. For content management, I'm utilizing a headless CMS, specifically Hygraph.


Aiming for Practicality Over Perfection

In terms of design, the goal is functionality over perfection. The website primarily relies on pre-existing themes to avoid getting bogged down in CSS details. Initially, I considered implementing both light and dark modes but quickly abandoned the idea upon realizing it would overly complicate the project.


Concluding Remarks

Ultimately, this personal website serves dual purposes. It not only enables me to explain my professional background more comprehensively but also provides a sandbox for experimenting with various web technologies. In a job market that necessitates concise resumes, a personal website can only aid, not hinder, my professional aspirations.

So, if you find any part of this venture intriguing, I invite you to reach out. The collective wisdom gained from shared experiences is invaluable, especially when time is a finite resource. I'm always open to learning from others, and if you're interested in my insights, I'd be more than happy to share.